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Tension headache

A tension headache is considered the most common type of headache. Take note that this type of headache can lead to mild or moderate pain in the neck, head and behind the eyes. In most cases, the individual feels a tight band around the forehead. Individuals who suffer from this type of headache have episodic […]


What is indigestion?

Indigestion typically occurs to almost anybody every now and then. It can lead to stomach discomfort or a full sensation. In severe cases, it can cause bloating, heartburn, vomiting and nausea. Indigestion can be caused by certain eating habits or can also be a chronic issue. In case the individual suffers from frequent indigestion, it […]

Cement burns


A blister is basically a small-sized pouch that contains fluid that develops in the exterior skin layer. It typically forms once the outer layer of the skin is damaged. Fluid accumulates beneath the damaged skin, cushioning the tissue beneath. Understandably, this protects the tissue from sustaining further damage and allowing it to heal as well. […]

Medial malleolus fracture

All about shin splints

Shin splints are the term used to describe the pain in the interior part of the lower leg. It is considered as one of the most common sport injuries and can occur in any individual. The condition can involve inflamed tendons, muscles and the thin layer of tissue covering the bone. Even though it can […]

Chance fracture

What is hip pointer?

Hip pointer is a sports injury that can occur if the individual receives a direct blow or falls on his/her side and the initial part that absorbs the impact is the external part of the hip bone. A hip pointer is basically a profound contusion or bruise on the upper part of the pelvis that […]

Bronchial spasms

What is exercise-induced asthma?

Exercise-induced asthma is a common issue among athletes as well as the general population. Individuals who suffer from this condition suffer from shortness of breath when exercising. Take note that an episode can last for 20 minutes or even up to 2 hours. Exercise-induced asthma is considered different from mild, chronic and persistent asthma since […]

Secondary drowning

Preventing dry drowning

Once you hear the term ‘drowning’, many think of an individual drowning in water either in a swimming pool or open water. It is important to bear in mind that dry drowning is another kind of drowning that is rare but can be prevented by observing the basic safety measures in water as well as […]