Suitable remedies for sore feet due to running

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When it comes to sore feet that occurs after running, it is not uncommon. Even wearing comfortable and supportive shoes can cause the feet to ache after an intense run. In most individuals, the longer the run, the sore the feet becomes but for beginners, even a mile can result to sore feet. Take note that running can cause the swelling and aching of the feet but there are simple measures that can help relieve the symptoms. A doctor must be consulted if the sore feet persists or becomes worse.

Adequate rest

Always bear in mind that rest is the ideal solution for sore feet. The amount of rest required for the recovery of the feet depends on how long or intense the run was. In some cases, one long-distance run is enough to cause sore feet while for the experienced runners, a sore feet can develop after a series of runs. In either case, rest involves minimal standing or walking, if possible. Once the individual knows that he/she has to stand or walk for a considerable amount of time at a certain point, it is best to schedule the next run at a time that will allow the individual to rest properly before using the feet again.

Sore feet-running
Apply an ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables over the affected area.

Application of ice

Many running enthusiasts utilize the application of ice to relieve the soreness and discomfort due to running. After running, remove the shoes and socks and then elevate the feet. Apply an ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables over the affected area. In case the ice pack is too cold, cover it with a clean towel or cloth. Take note that the cold helps relieve the pressure that builds up in the feet during a run as well as help in preventing the swelling or minimize any swelling that has already developed. The ice pack must be applied for at least 10-15 minutes. You can learn how to effectively utilize cold therapy by enrolling in a class on first aid today.


Most cases of sore feet can be accompanied by swelling. The feet will swell due to the amount of pressure placed on them during a run. Remember that the pressure can cause the blood to accumulate in the feet. Due to the constant pounding while running, proper circulation in the feet becomes difficult. In case the feet are swollen after running, take off the shoes and elevate the feet. It must be elevated higher than the pelvis to allow the blood in the feet to circulate in an efficient manner.

Foot bath

A foot bath can provide relaxation to sore feet. The temperature of the bath water depends on the preference. In most cases, warm or hot water can help relax the muscles in the feet. Some prefer cold water to numb the soreness and relieve the pressure. Take note that foot baths can be enhanced with various oils and salts that can soothe the skin and provide comfort to the feet. The individual can indulge in a foot bath after a run or at any time while the feet are sore. The soaking must be done for at least 10 minutes.

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