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Severe head injury

A severe head injury necessitates prompt medical care due to the high risk for significant brain damage. What are the indications? The signs of a severe head injury might include the following: Loss of consciousness – the individual has given away and becomes unresponsive for a short span of time Concussion Seizures or fits Loss […]

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Bedsores: What are the commonly used medications?

Bedsores or pressure sores form after continuous pressure on bony parts of the body. Since bedridden or wheelchair-independent individuals could not change positions independently, they face a higher risk for developing bedsores. Parts of the body that are likely to develop bedsores include the hips and heels. The management of existing sores involves the removal […]

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Bleeding brain: What are the indications?

A bleeding brain is categorized as a medical emergency. This occurs if the individual sustained trauma to the head or suffered a stroke. The bleeding can arise inside the brain or on the exterior regions. Oftentimes, the blood vessels in the brain spontaneously rupture and can be life-threatening. In addition, high cholesterol and high blood […]

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What is rectal bleeding?

Rectal bleeding is often noticed as minimal traces of bright-red blood on a toilet paper or a few droplets in the toilet. Generally, bright-red blood originates from somewhere close to the anus and an indication of hemorrhoids or fissures in the anal skin. Even though these are common issues, a doctor should be consulted. Rectal […]