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Bedsores: What are the commonly used medications?

Bedsores or pressure sores form after continuous pressure on bony parts of the body. Since bedridden or wheelchair-independent individuals could not change positions independently, they face a higher risk for developing bedsores. Parts of the body that are likely to develop bedsores include the hips and heels. The management of existing sores involves the removal […]

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Bleeding brain: What are the indications?

A bleeding brain is categorized as a medical emergency. This occurs if the individual sustained trauma to the head or suffered a stroke. The bleeding can arise inside the brain or on the exterior regions. Oftentimes, the blood vessels in the brain spontaneously rupture and can be life-threatening. In addition, high cholesterol and high blood […]

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What is rectal bleeding?

Rectal bleeding is often noticed as minimal traces of bright-red blood on a toilet paper or a few droplets in the toilet. Generally, bright-red blood originates from somewhere close to the anus and an indication of hemorrhoids or fissures in the anal skin. Even though these are common issues, a doctor should be consulted. Rectal […]

Head pain or head ache or depressed

What is intracerebral hemorrhage?

Intracerebral hemorrhage occurs once the blood abruptly ruptures into the brain tissue which results to brain damage. The symptoms typically arise abruptly such as confusion, headache, weakness and paralysis especially on one side of the body. The accumulation of blood places pressure on the brain and disrupts with the oxygen supply. This can rapidly lead […]