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Status epilepticus

Status epilepticus is a serious form of seizure. With this form, it does not stop, or one episode occurs after another without allowing time for the individual to recover. This is considered as an extreme form of epilepsy or a characteristic of a serious brain disorder such as a stroke or brain tissue inflammation. What […]

Amoxicillin rash

An amoxicillin rash can occur if a child is taking the antibiotic. Most antibiotics can trigger rash as a side effect, but amoxicillin is known to frequently cause one. It is important to note that both ampicillin and amoxicillin are derived from the penicillin family. Characteristic There are 2 types of rash where one is […]

Swollen earlobe

A swollen earlobe can be painful, reddened and uncomfortable. The usual causes of the swelling include allergies, infection and trauma. Although most cases of earlobe injuries can be managed with over-the-counter medications and home remedies, a doctor must be seen if the symptoms are severe. Common causes of swollen earlobe There are various causes for […]

Trench foot

Trench foot is a serious condition that arises if the feet has been wet for extended periods. Despite the increased awareness in keeping the feet dry, it is still possible to develop the condition if the feet are exposed to cold and wet conditions for extended periods. Due to continued cold and dampness, the feet […]

Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites are prevalent in various countries all over the globe. When a mosquito bites, blood is drawn out while injecting some saliva which contains proteins and anticoagulants. This might trigger the immune response of the body including the release of histamine. This chemical is responsible for causing inflammation, itchiness and swelling. Oftentimes, an individual […]

Whipple’s disease

Whipple’s disease is brought about by the Tropheryma whipplei bacteria and affects the digestive tract but can spread to other body parts. It is an uncommon disease but can be dangerous. It is believed that there is a hereditary predisposition to the development of the disease. The risk is high in areas with poor sanitation […]

Massive stroke

A massive stroke affects a large section of the brain. It is important to note that a stroke occurs if the blood flow to a region of the brain is disrupted. As a result, the brain tissue is deprived of oxygen which leads to serious consequences. What are the indications? The seriousness of the symptoms […]

Ulnar nerve palsy

Ulnar nerve palsy is defined as weakness in the hand once the ulnar nerve is damaged. The condition can affect fine movements and ability to perform various tasks. In severe cases, the condition can lead to muscle wasting or atrophy where the hand assumes a claw-like appearance. What are the indications? Ulnar nerve palsy is […]