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Valerian root allergy: What are the signs?

Valerian root is a known herbal supplement that is used to manage various ailments including anxiety, mental strain, insomnia, restlessness, stress, poor concentration, menopause, nervous stomach and premenstrual syndrome. Even though it is an herbal supplement, it must be dealt with as a drug if utilized for medicinal uses. Allergic reactions have been noted by […]


Signs of an early staph infection

A staph infection is brought about by the Staphylococcus bacteria that is usually present on the skin or within the nose. Once it infects the bloodstream, lungs, urinary tract or the heart, it can be dangerous. Generally, severe cases of infections develop among individuals who are chronically sick or have compromised immune systems. The symptoms […]

Alcohol allergies: What are the suitable treatment options?

Many individuals who believe that they are allergic to alcohol have alcohol intolerance. This condition is genetic in nature and characterized by difficulty in breaking down alcohol. The intolerance is brought about by a deficiency in an enzyme, specifically aldehyde dehydrogenase. This enzyme is required to metabolize alcohol into vinegar or acetic acid. Once intolerance […]

Ideal home remedies for skin inflammation

Dryness, pain, itchiness and redness that are present with skin inflammation necessitate immediate care. The skin inflammation linked with sunburn and allergic reactions to plants which is commonly known as contact dermatitis can be managed at home for a few days or weeks. Long-lasting skin inflammation that periodically flares up responds well to home remedies […]


Indigestion: Are whole grains a possible trigger?

Indigestion generally triggers a variety of symptoms including an uncomfortable sensation of fullness during or after eating and pain or burning feeling in the upper abdomen. Even though various causes can lead to indigestion, high-fiber foods including whole grains are known for triggering it or worsening the current symptoms. What are the potential causes? Whole […]

Can raw oysters trigger food poisoning?

Foods that are contaminated including raw oysters can cause food poisoning. Various organisms can trigger food poisoning after eating raw oysters including Vibrio bacteria and norovirus. Most can recover from the undesirable signs in a few days. Nevertheless, a variant of the Vibrio bacteria can cause dangerous illness among individuals with liver disease, cancer or […]

Can sugar trigger stomach cramps?

There are various reasons why some experience stomach cramps after consuming sugar. If the cramping is severe and lasts for an extended period, keeps recurring or accompanied by other signs such as nausea, fever, bleeding and vomiting, a doctor should be consulted right away. For harmless causes, simple dietary adjustments can prevent the issue. Oftentimes, […]

Raw potatoes: What are the risks?

Various vegetables are eaten raw but potatoes are seldom eaten in this manner. Generally, raw vegetables have a bright appearance and fresh or juicy flavored. Nevertheless, there are some vegetables that are rarely eaten raw and this includes potatoes. Even though they can be consumed raw, their starchy texture and slight bitterness makes them unappealing. […]