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Infective endocarditis

Infective endocarditis is defined as infection of the heart valves. It arises if infection from other parts of the body move into the bloodstream and attack the heart lining or heart valves. The cause of the infection is usually a bacteria or fungus. The condition can occur at any age but typically affects individuals older […]


Toxocariasis is a defined as a parasitic infection affecting humans caused by roundworms from the Toxocara genus. It is considered as a zoonotic infection which is transmitted by animals to humans. An infection arises once the parasite is ingested. This typically occurs via contamination of the hands or food with the feces of an infected […]

What is encephalitis?

Encephalitis is a condition where the brain tissue is inflamed. The usual cause are viral infections. In rare instances, it can also be caused by bacteria or even fungi. It is considered rare yet a serious condition that can be dangerous. A doctor should be consulted right away if any signs are suspected. Main types […]


Why do I have sore ankles after skiing?

Sore ankles might occur after skiing. Since the sport necessitates control and balance, the muscles and joints are significantly strained. The basic position during downhill skiing is a partly flexed ankle. Those who are not accustomed to this position or those who push beyond their body’s limit might end up with sore ankles after skiing. […]

Potential side effects of high blood pressure medications

High blood pressure medications have been linked to a lower risk for stroke and heart disease. Similar with other drugs, however, high blood pressure medications can cause side effects. Hypotension is a potential effect of any antihypertensive drug. It is also important to note that the side effects distinctive to a specific drug can also […]