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A man who drowns in a river receives CPR

Immediate action with the delivery of CPR saves a life

Steve Stewart and Steve Parks together with Abbotsford firefighters given a commendation. The certificates of commendation were presented to Steve Stewart and Steve Parks together with Abbotsford Fire Rescue Captain Jim Durvin and firefighters Scott Ellis, Tom Dodd, and Greg Herron. A helping hand A call concerning a case of the cardiac arrest came in […]


CPR performed on a child after found unresponsive in a pool

The RCMP found a toddler after she went missing from a daycare center. The young girl died after she was discovered unresponsive in a backyard pool. The toddler was missing from a daycare center on Hawthorne Ave. and shortly found in an underground pool at a neighboring property. The child was found beneath a solar […]


Soccer player receives immediate CPR after an attack

Conception Bay South residents Gerry Stead and Alana Langdon were given the Rescuer Awards for saving a life. Their life-saving actions were necessary during an incident at the Topsail artificial turf soccer pitch. Timely action to save a life An 11-year old soccer player was attacked by a bystander and stabbed while engaging in the […]


Saving lives with an AED

There is an increase in the availability of an automatic external defibrillator (AED) in the public. These devices are readily accessible in public buildings but it is also important that the public are aware that it is easy to use. Safe device to use According to Chris Landry of Island First Aid Services, the device […]