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Am I allergic to cherries?

Even though cherries are not included as main food allergens, they can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. This is true especially among those with pollen allergies. Since the symptoms might start as a minor annoyance and worsen with repeated exposure to the allergen, it is ideal to consult a doctor if any indications of […]

Pine trees: Am I allergic?

Individuals who are allergic to pine trees might experience a reaction from directly handling, consuming or inhaling the allergens. The species of pine trees with light pollen grains can trigger hay fever symptoms while heavy sap is likely to instigate an allergic reaction upon skin contact. Individuals who have pine allergy might respond to any […]


Lung infiltration: What are the causes?

There are various causes of lung infiltration. Certain lung ailments such as silicosis, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis and asbestosis often cause the air sacs to be filled with fluids made of cancer cells, white blood cells, pus, blood or proteins which are called as infiltrates. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, these infiltrates might affect […]

Sagebrush: Am I allergic?

Sagebrush allergy is strikingly the same as ragweed allergies. Individuals who have sagebrush allergy might have the same pollen triggers. Those who are highly sensitive to the allergenic proteins of these plants ends up with the symptoms of hay fever if the airborne pollen where inhaled during the reproductive period. The allergy symptoms are likely […]