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Reactions to pet dander: What should I know?

Pet dander can trigger allergic symptoms that range from mild to severe. Avoidance of animals is often the most effective approach in preventing an allergic reaction. In case animals could not be avoided, there are available treatment options. The symptoms of allergy to pet dander strikingly resemble hay fever. What are the indications? For mild […]

Hay fever: Commonly used treatment options

Hay fever can be managed in various ways. There are various treatment options such as over-the-counter medications particularly antihistamines. It is best to set an appointment with a doctor if the symptoms do not seem to improve after antihistamines are used. In such cases, prescription medications such as a nasal steroid medication is required. Commonly […]

Head pain or head ache or depressed

Close look on chest infections

Chest infections are prevalent particularly after a common cold or flu during the autumn and winter season. Even though most cases are relatively mild and settle on their own, some can be serious and even dangerous. What are the indications? The chief indications of a chest infection generally include: Continuous cough Wheezing Breathlessness or rapid […]

Chest Pain Caused by Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Close look on bronchiectasis

Bronchiectasis is a long-standing condition in which the airways of the lungs are abnormally widened, resulting to the accumulation of excess mucus. The presence of the mucus can make the lungs prone to infection. The usual indications of the condition generally include: Continuous cough that typically brings up phlegm Shortness of breath It is important […]


What is beryllium disease?

Beryllium disease develops if beryllium dust or fumes have been inhaled. It is important to note that beryllium is a metal utilized in the manufacturing of various products including computers, cars, electrical equipment and even golf clubs. The metal is light, non-magnetic and a good conductor of electricity and heat. There are 2 types of […]

Head pain or head ache or depressed

What is COPD?

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a group of lung ailments that cause breathing issues and obstruction of the airflow. What are the indications? Wheezing Difficulty breathing Chest tightness Frequent episodes of coughing Poor tolerance for physical activity or exercise Who are at risk? Individuals between the ages of 50-74 Those with a history […]


Wheezing: What are the usual causes?

Wheezing is a high-pitched whistle-like sound produced while breathing. It is clearly heard while exhaling but can also be heard while inhaling in severe cases. The usual cause is having constricted airways or inflammation. It might be an indication of a serious breathing issue that necessitates proper diagnosis and treatment. What are the causes? Asthma […]