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Type B influenza

The type B influenza is described as a highly communicable form of the flu and capable of causing detrimental effects on the health in severe cases. A usual indicator of the influenza virus is fever, often higher than 100 degrees F. This form can only spread from human to human. In addition, it can cause […]

Am I allergic to tree pollen?

The tree pollen is widespread during springtime and can trigger symptoms among sensitive individuals. The usual culprits are pollen from wind-pollinating trees, especially during the spring season. Depending on where an individual resides, some of the trees that are considered as potential allergens include: Birch Hickory Elm Oak Beech Ash Maple Sycamore Cottonwood What are […]

Allergic asthma

Allergic asthma is the most prevalent form which stems from an allergic reaction. If an individual has this type of asthma, the body perceives allergens as a threat and initiates to attack them. This immune attack can trigger the asthma symptoms. What are the signs? Most of the signs of allergic asthma and the non-allergic […]


Tuberculosis is a communicable condition that can result to ill health for an extended time. If an individual is not correctly treated, it can be deadly. What is the cause? Tuberculosis is brought about by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria which mainly affects the lungs. It can impair sections of the lungs which leads to difficulty […]

RSV sickness

Respiratory syncytial virus or RSV strikingly resembles a mild case of common cold among older children and adults. In some infants however, RSV can result to serious illness. Those who are at high risk for a serious RSV infection include the elderly, adults with pre-existing heart or lung disease and those who have compromised or […]

Latex allergy

Latex is made from a milky fluid from the rubber tree. It is utilized to produce a variety of products for home and healthcare use such as gloves. Latex allergy is an immune system reaction upon contact to a product made of latex. If an individual is allergic to latex, the body responds to the […]

What is emphysema?

Emphysema is a lung condition that arises after many years of smoking. Once this condition develops, it could not be reversed. Due to this, avoiding smoking or cessation is vital. The condition involves damage to the air sac walls of the lungs. While inhaling, the alveoli stretch to draw in oxygen and transport it to […]